Hazel Millington

For me, like many young women, birthdays and Christmas meant sparkly jewellery. A love of unique jewellery, and especially art glass, has insinuated itself into my very being. Whilst visiting the art hotspots of west coast America, I became fascinated by dichroic and fused glass. Learning to create fused glass pieces and sharing my passion for colour has informed my jewellery design journey.

My art is SparkleFox. The colours of nature, of light and night, and of the imagination, inspire my original hand-crafted designs. Unusual elements and quality materials are essential ingredients in the creation of my pieces. Please browse the other pages for samples of my work. Commissions are undertake with full satisfaction guaranteed. If you would like to see my work personally please go to the Craft Fairs tab for a list of dates. norfolk open studio 2013eched pendantfused glass waffer sea scapeselection of fused imagesscenic pendant

fused glass dish patchworkdichroic and pearls

fused glass art homage to clarice clifffused glass art sunflowers

collection of glass pieces

fused glass boatsterling silver wrapped fused glass pendantcold cut dichroic pendant

fish bowlfused galss orange fishing boat


Dichroic Glass

Developed by NASA, dichroic glass is used in the face shields of the astronaut’s space suits. Micro-thin layers of metals including silver, gold, aluminium and titanium are applied to the surface of the glass before firing in a vacuum at extreme temperatures.
In making dichroic jewellery different types of glasses and metals are fused together in a kiln. During this process unique pieces of fused glass are produced where no two pieces are ever the same.


seaside scenes

small fish plaque

For more images of Hazel's art and jewellery, click on the Craft Fairs & Exhibitions link-button at the top of this page.

Richard Millington

Having suffered a formal art training as a college student, Richard rested his early illustration talents in favour of a career in the bird business. Now residing in north Norfolk, with a studio window overlooking the famous Cley Bird Reserve, he is again a painter. From seagulls to modern dance, Richard has an individual outlook and output. And as an excursionist, the beginning and ending of his every journey is the North Sea shore.

richards paintings

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Richard and Hazel Millington